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10/23/08/: Welcome to the New Home of The Bundies. Consisting of members Pav Bundy and Jamelle Jones, the Bundies combine eclectic music with abstract songwriting.A fusion of uptempo feel good melodies with some of the cleverest word play makes for a team that can and will restore difference and individuality in an industry that is now mostly known to be tainted by that sounds like that other joint. Please enjoy the rest of our site and don't forget to join us on our myspace page.New Song: Text Talk featuring Fat Man Scoop! Listen to on our myspace page.9/25/08: The Bundies vs. the Internet. The Bundies have created mock commercials promoting the microsoft Zune as well as themselves..the check out the links, view the Bundies blog at their myspace page. The Bundies get reviews! Come see what others have to say at their Myspace Page.